Privacy policy

User’s Personal Information

1. Web-Site Administration respectfully and responsibly treats every visitor of the Web-Site. Accepting this Agreement the User agrees with capture and use of personal information according to provisions of Law of Ukraine “Sensitive Personal Information” and Web-Site Administration policy on Sensitive Personal Information. In addition, User agrees to Web-Site Administration to capture, assign, process and support information on User’s Account to provide services.

2. Web-Site Administration engages to capture personal information only for service improvement.

3. Web-Site Administration capture both main personal information (first name, second name, address, e-mail address) and technical information (web cookies, link information and system information).

4. User agrees that information privacy is not guaranteed by Web-Site Administration if any third party has an access to his/her information.

5. Web-Site Administration can use any captured information from e-shop and to improve Web-Site content, its redesign, information transfer to User (if there is a request) for marketing or research aims or for other legal aims under Ukrainian legislation.

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